Intervention 2015

August 14-16 marked the sixth year of this chill and down to earth gathering of independent creativity. As described in my 2014 recap, each Intervention has its own highlights within a consistent vibe of connection, education, and inspiration.

Each year, I come with a different mix of exploration and growth in mind. This time I had the additional aim to meet Terry Molloy, commonly known for his role as Dr. Who’s Davros, because Intervention founder and showrunner Oni Hartstein said that he’s Our People(tm). When Oni invites me to get in touch with someone, I do as instructed – because she’s right.

Voice Acting

I have a well-earned reputation for being a loudmouth. I sing, I’ve done musical theater, and I recently got into narrative video and improvised chatter over video game playthroughs. I also wanted to learn more about expressing character personality and presence through pure audio, especially to improve the dialog in my own writing.

Intervention 6 had more emphasis on voice acting than I recall in prior years. I hit this track like a sledgehammer and loved every moment.

Terry Molloy put on an awesome trio of workshops. First, we listened to a selection of classic audio plays and excerpts from his recent work with Big Finish. Afterward, we learned basic vocal exercises and performed parts from Under Milkwood. Terry was encouraging, enthusiastic, hilarious, and clearly having as much fun as we were. As a special bonus, Spousal Unit and myself ended up eating breakfast with him on Sunday.

Breakfast with Terry Molloy

On a whim, I dropped into the live recording of the Managlitch City Underground podcast. I became a guest actor alongside Terry Molloy and other congoers, doing my best Measured Calm Upbeat Voice as a reporter. Listen to the Intervention episode here.

Marketing, Social Media, and Blogging

I attended these panels for ideas on how to improve my content here and get more interested readership. As I work on my novel, I want to build an audience for people who like my writing and thoughts on assorted media. Hopefully, some of those folks will enjoy my fiction style as well.

Oni Hartstein presented three marketing panels, of which I only attended the first because of a scheduling conflict with voice acting workshops. Kara Dennison and Mary Ratliff discussed social media. Nicole Dieker and Matt Blum talked about blogging. All panels gave an informative mix of principles and specifics, with a common vibe of building credibility through mutual benefit with contacts, collaborators, event sponsors, sites seeking contributions, and such. Show what you are all about, how it relates to others’ work, and what it can do for them and their audience. Also, WRITE MOAR, which I need to do anyway.

Everything Else

Spousal Unit and I like to support Intervention with Enabler memberships. In turn, we received a nice loadout of swag and an invitation to the meet and greet party, featuring delicious treats from Akiyo Taira.

Bree Rubin presented the design and construction process of her Arduino-powered Creeping Angel, which surreptitiously photographs curious guests and tweets the results. Check out the schematics and source code on her website.

After a year odd hiatus, Bomb Shelter Radio went back on the air in the atrium. Ilya’s room parties in prior years were great fun, so I hung out and enjoyed the laid-back shenanigans.

With curiosity piqued by a post to the Facebook group for Intervention fans, I checked out Shokolada’s panel on producing bawdy pie fight videos on a budget. I contributed a recommendation for the cheap yet powerful Screenflow editor and left with a sudden craving for cake batter.