I like spatial thinking and puzzles thus based. I like the idea of solving such by casting shadows, not so much fiddling around with abstract doodads until I manage to fit the result to whatever persnickety outline the game is invisibly demanding. Smart, smooth, and satisfying, .projekt takes a constructive approach to this concept.

Projekt Simple Blocks

.projekt invites relaxation into tinkering. A brief tutorial leads into a gentle ramp of complexity interspersed with simpler breaks on the regular. Undos are unlimited, misplaced blocks clearly shown. Haptic feedback enhances the tactility of the interface, its spare grey and white complemented by a chill electronic soundtrack.

Projekt Stairs

Simplicity does have its limits. Blocks can only be built up or out from others, and the four fixed viewing angles can leave the center of a layout obscured. With the small scale of puzzles, these minor quirks are easily seen as encouragement to plan ahead.

Projekt Max Cubes

.projekt frees you to begin with the basics and goes on to encourage mastery. Placing the least or most possible blocks as per its provided targets. Completing the prescribed layouts of picross mode. Revisiting the familiar with new knowledge, savoring more of the same in the best sort of way.

Projekt Picross 1